“Cool” to Coastal

I purchased this dresser at a good price, as it needed a lot of work.  When I picked it up, the owners told me that it had been built by his grandfather, and they were so happy that it was going to be rehabbed.  As you can see, it had a lot of damage in to form of carvings.  While I’m sure that Val was and still is “Cool”, I hope that she has since found other ways to express herself!


The frame and drawer fronts were solid wood, so I knew with enough sanding they could be saved.  This is where the belt sander comes in so handy.  I used 60 grit paper and had the scratches, carvings and old finish removed in no time.

I had the idea that I wanted to use an unusual stain on these drawers but wasn’t sure about anything else.  So I stained the top and drawer fronts “sunbleached” by Varathane, and let the rest of the choices come naturally.  With the stain complete, I thought the wood had taken on a driftwood appearance, so coastal became my theme.  I painted the body a rich navy blue and decided to dress up the drawers with a secret surprise.  On the side of each drawer, I stenciled on a nautically themed graphic.  I completed the look with rope drawer pulls and matte finish polycrylic.



Now, this dresser has a cool, coastal vibe.  I think Val would be proud.


Hold my wine, I’ve got this…



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