The Sweet Little Afterthought

I was meeting with a client at her home to discuss a few pieces in her living room.  As I was leaving, we discussed this cute little table on the front porch that had seen better days. It was the perfect size to sit among the chairs on the covered porch, but it had been exposed to the elements for too long and all of the tiles were popping off.  She had a sentimental attachment to the piece since it had moved with her since college.  She even took a picture of it before I left so that she could show her college roommate the before and after.  She let me have free reign on the makeover, only stating that she liked the blue/green palette.

I couldn’t wait to get it home and make it cute again!  (Naturally I started removing the tiles before I took a before picture, so I had to ask the client to send me hers. When I get excited about a project, my brain just never remembers to take a picture!!). I actually stopped on my way home from her house to select the new tile.

I popped all of the tiles off and discovered the problem.  The thin layer of plywood below was warped from the weather.  I removed the plywood and was now down to the structural elements of the table.  Knowing the table would be living outside on a  covered porch, I wanted to make sure that I started with a base that wouldn’t warp.  I selected a sheet a plexiglass and cut it to size.  I attached it to the table top using gorilla glue and let it dry.  In the meantime, I selected a medium gray paint color for the legs and body of the table.  The tile I chose reflected the same blue/green “water” tones, and I wanted to make sure that those colors became the star of the piece.  Selecting a neutral backdrop helped to ensure that they stayed front and center.  

Finally, I applied the tile and grouted it in a deep charcoal.  Charcoal coordinated with the gray base and really helped the tile to “pop” (this time in a good way).  Once the tile was complete, I realized that it was raised above the level of the table base.  I wasn’t happy that the grout edges were visible, so I created a tiny wood trim around the edge to finish off the top.

Now, this sentimental table has brand new life and can be a part of all new memories for the client.

Hold my wine, I’ve got this…



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