Pretty Little Table

I was beyond excited when I had the opportunity to purchase this table.  I loved the style and knew that even though it needed quite a bit of help, none of the repairs were particularly complicated.  It was extremely wobbly, was missing its drawer, and had been painted in a way that created texture all over it (inset photo).  

As always, I started with repairs.  The bolts on the legs needed to be tightened, but as an extra measure of security, I removed, them, added glue and reassembled.  Now that the table was stable, I needed to decide what to do about the missing drawer.  Although having a drawer would be nice, I determined that it would not be worth the investment of time required to build a new one from scratch.  I decided instead to just create a false panel.  I would accentuate that panel with my color scheme to add character.

Now that the repairs were made, it was time to make it pretty again.  The entire table required a complete sanding to remove the texture.  Next, I painted the entire base Mineral by Waverly.  The look I had in mind was feminine, so I chose one of my favorite blues–Benjamin Moore’s October Sky–for the top and false drawer front.  It is a pale gray-blue that hits just to right tone–without looking baby blue.  I then used a stencil and a creamy white to add a botanical element to the top.  The entire piece was sealed with Minwax Polycrylic in Satin.

I love that the finished table is decidedly feminine without looking too “girly”.  It is now ready for a brand new home.


Hold my wine, I’ve got this…



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