The Right Kind of Distressed

This dresser is the perfect example of why I love to do what I do.  When I picked up this piece, it was in ROUGH shape.  The finish was chipped, stained and dirty, and half of the drawers wouldn’t open.  I knew it was a good sign, however, when I was super heavy.  When I got it to the shop and took a closer look, I was excited to find a very well made dresser that, structurally was in really great condition.  It was solid wood, dovetail joints, and quality construction.  The hardware was gorgeous and was begging to shine again.  The decorative claw of one of the front feet was broken off but luckily was saved.  Easy peasy fix!

I started with repairs.  I reattached the broken foot and filled in the cracks to make the repair seamless.  Next, I needed to tackle those sticking drawers.  Once I finally managed to remove the ones that were stuck (no easy feat) I sanded down the areas that were visibly sticking –keeping in mind that by repainting I would be adding thickness to those points.  I sanded down all areas that were chipping and applied a coat of primer.  This extra step is important because once it is primed, it is much easier to see any uneven surfaces and damage.  I addressed the additional issues that I found and was ready to paint.  

The client wanted the entire body of the dresser painted white, with the top painted Evening Shadow by Autentico.  She then wanted to entire dresser distressed–in a very different way from its original condition!  With a gray and white color scheme in mind, I painted that GORGEOUS hardware in Rustoleum Black Night Metalic and then highlighted it with Rub ‘N Buff in Pewter.

The finished dresser came out crisp and classy, with some light distressing to add depth and interest.  Another high-quality piece of furniture gets to live another life!

Hold my wine, I’ve got this…


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