Built for a Crowd, Yet Deeply Personal

I was recently asked to build two large farm tables for a client.  He frequently opens his home up to friends, family and the community and was looking for a way to seat a crowd, while being able to store the tables when not in use.  I came up with a design that would allow the legs to be removable and stored underneath the tabletop.  Considering how these tables were going to be used, I asked the client if he wanted a quote added to the side of the table–one that would echo the sentiment of gathering and community.  He immediately loved the idea, but needed time to come up with the perfect words.

Did he ever!!  He happens to have had not one but two incredible women in his life named Grace.  You can tell when he speaks about them that they have had a huge impact on him and have molded the person he is today.  When his quote came through on my phone I immediately choked up.

Live Life Gracefully

Absolutely nothing more needs to be said.

Hold my wine, I’ve got this…


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