It’s More than Just a Job

Some of you have seen this picture that I recently found on Pinterest and reposted. When I read this quote, it actually made something in my heart ache because it is so relatable.  For me, furniture is my artwork.  When you see a piece of my furniture in a shop or on my website, you see wood, stain, paint, and creativity.  But what you don’t see is the process and the labor of love that has gone into it.  Understand that when I build or refinish a piece of furniture, I am not just assembling materials.  I am thinking of all of the history that the piece has been a part of, or all of the future memories that will be made with the finished piece. The meals shared around a table, the businesses built on a desk, the treasures to be stored in a cabinet.  Additionally, there is all of the trial and error that goes into mastering each technique, solving each challenge and creating the vision.

Buying from an artist may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but it is investing in someone else’s dream.  It is glimpsing their soul.


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