Office Hideaway

This media unit was given to me by a client.

I love the style and character and was brainstorming on what I was going to create with this piece. Then they sneaky little voice in my head started to whisper that I may love this piece too much to part with it, and it started brainstorming on how I could use it myself.  That voice is a persistent little bugger!  It finally told me that I should convert it into my hideaway office.

I already have a home office, but it looked like, well, an office.  I wanted to be able to finish my work and make all of the “mess” disappear.

I built a shelf for my computer and added a sliding shelf for my keyboard and mouse. The back was already removed when I got unit, and I decided not to replace it.  I would be placing it in a corner, and this way the interior would look less confined.  I painted the entire piece in Britannia Blue by Benjamin Moore and protected it with a coat of Minwax Polycrylic in Matte.  Finally, I pimped it out with interior lights, a bulletin board, my schedule board, and a file holder.

Now, when I’m working at my desk, everything is at my fingertips.  When I’m done, it all closes up and my office looks like a comfortable space in my home.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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