Spring Cleaning Recycle Resources

Not to be Debbie Downer, but I did a little research and according to the EPA graphic, (most recent statistics from 2015) the United States generated 262.4 MILLION TONS OF TRASH.  IN ONE YEAR!!!  Of that, 137.7 million tons ended up in landfills.  The days of thinking that the garbage truck just takes what we discard “away” are over my friends.  There is no AWAY.  Our planet, animals and sea life are paying the price.

And stepping off of my soapbox now, I will deliver the good news.  There are tons of resources available to all of us to limit our contribution to these horrifying statistics.  Now that spring cleaning season is here, take a look at this article from Houzz offering many options for discarding things you no longer want.  A little time and effort can literally change the world.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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