The Big (re)Finish

A few weeks ago I posted about the makeover of a gorgeous buffet/hutch (see Beautiful Both Ways).

I just had the opportunity to refinish the dining table top in the same room.  The table is solid hickory and beautifully made.  It did have a few rings on it from 30 years of use, and it had been finished in a golden oak stain similar to the original hutch finish. (Photo below shows the original finish of both pieces.)  

The client asked me to refinish the table top to remove the rings but to also change to the palette to more of a gray hue to blend with the refinished hutch and the chairs, which are a lighter tone.  I started by stripping off the original finish and sanding it smooth.

I played with different stains and combinations of stains to find the best shade to coordinate with the hutch and the much lighter wood chairs. The stain on the right was the best fit and is a custom-blend of stain colors.

I sealed the table top with several coats of Polycrylic in Satin.

The finished table hits just the right note and blends with the hutch and the chairs.  Here’s to another 30 years!


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