A Challenging Little Bugger

I had in my mind that this dresser/nightstand combo would be a pretty simple makeover.  Shame on me for making that assumption!  I knew that the leg on the dresser was broken, but I wasn’t concerned because I fix that kind of thing all the time.

When I started in on the repairs for the dresser, however, I came across some structural challenges because of where the damage occurred. Additionally, one of the drawer pulls had come loose on the drive home and was missing.  (By the way, if anyone finds it along 422 West, you know where to reach me!!)

Time to start problem-solving.  Upon careful inspection, I realized that even if I was able to salvage the leg, there was nothing to reattach it to.  After some strategizing, I figured out how to rebuild the base to allow me to attach a new leg (I was not able to salvage the originals, but that’s a whole different story).  The realization was that I would also have to rebuild the nightstand to get the set to match.  I also had to accept that I was going to have to buy all new hardware since I was missing a single drawer pull.

Once the repairs were complete, I was on my way. Opting for a cleaner, more streamlined look, I removed the scrollwork on the top and base of each piece.   I filled the holes from the original hardware and sanded out all of the scratches and superficial damage.  The body of the dresser and nightstand were painted in Benjamin Moore Hale Navy and the drawers in Benjamin Moore Britannia Blue.  I sealed the pieces in Minwax Polycrylic in Matte and attached the new sleek satin nickel drawer pulls.

To say that things in my world never go as expected is an understatement!  However, the finished pieces were definitely worth the time and effort!

Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…




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