The Leftover Makeover

We recently made over our master bathroom, and I wanted to share how a little creativity and some leftover materials can go a long, long way.  Here is the before picture.

I knew the “feeling” that I was after for the room.  Let’s call it spa meets rustic.  I’m over the moon for vessel sinks, so I started the design there.  To achieve the “spa” portion of the room, I painted the walls Sherwin Williams Copen Blue (SW0068).  The white vessel sinks and the style of the faucets I chose really supported the clean, light, spa feel.  I wanted to ground it, however, by adding some rustic elements for warmth and texture.  Here is where the creativity came in.


I reused the original mirror but built a new frame from wood that was left over from another project.  The gray/brown stain (custom blend from Sherwin Williams) created a rustic, barn wood look.   I removed the counter/sink combo and replaced the countertop with some leftover butcher block from our kitchen remodel.  I used the same stain on the countertop as I used for the mirror frame, and love how the different woods in the butcher block took on different shades and added texture.I painted the cabinets a charcoal gray and updated the hardware by retrofitting antique hot and cold faucet handles.  The tile backsplash ties the look together by picking up the wall color and the wood tones.  (Huge props to my husband for his mad plumbing and tiling skills). Finally, I replace the glass shelves with wooden ones made from scrap lumber.

I am super happy with how this makeover turned out.  (More props for my husband who has to navigate the visions in my head and help translate them to reality!!)



Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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