Old Vanity Piece Gets Repurposed into Side Table

Sometimes old furniture is not salvageable in its original form. Sometimes it needs to be reimagined into something brand new.

This was the case with this old vanity piece.  It was one of two ends to a vanity that held a mirror, and somewhere along the way it became separated from the other parts.  When I got it, it was just this gorgeous little piece with a chunk missing in the back where the mirror once attached. repurposed vanity, painted furniture

The hardest part of this makeover/repurpose project was rebuilding the missing areas.  With the use of some scrap wood and epoxy filler, I was able to fill in the gap and mold the shape of trim to blend in with the rest of the top.  A small piece of trim on the back camouflaged my reconstruction work.

Now it was time to get to the fun part.  I removed the trim on the drawer front and sanded the drawer face, the top, and the lower legs.  I stained those areas with a medium-dark stain and painted the rest of the body in elephant gray.  The drawer trim also received a coat of paint.  Finally, I distressed the paint to highlight all that beautiful wood detail.  The whole piece got a protective coat of polycrylic.repurposed vanity, painted furniture

This little guy went from a lost misfit part to a stand-alone stunner.

repurposed vanity, painted furniture


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