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You won’t believe this cabinet makeover

Check out this fantastic little cabinet!  My client was originally going to get rid of it, but at the last minute changed her mind.  I’m so glad she did because by highlighting the unique features of the design, the makeover turned out fantastic!

cabinet, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

The cabinet was in rough shape but had fantastic features.  Definitely worth saving!!  The edges of both doors are trimmed with delicate wood inlay and the texture on the drawer is so great!  The body of the cabinet was really in good condition, but the top had a lot of water damage that caused significant warping. The front corner also had some damage.

cabinet, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

Although I would have loved to restain the top, the damage was too extensive and too deep to save the finish.  I ended up removing the water-damaged wood, filling in the hole and painting the entire body of the cabinet.   I stripped, sanded, and restained the doors and drawers, sealing them with several coats of polycrylic.  Finally, I cleaned up the brass hardware.  Generally, I like to leave some of the tarnish and age on the brass of older furniture as a nod to the history of the piece(super clean and shiny brass just doesn’t look right).  This cabinet was no exception.

cabinet, Amy's Upcycles, painted furniture

The cabinet will now begin its new life in the client’s guest room, where it has many more years to show its beauty.


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