All The Good Feelings

I’ve noticed a couple of trends emerging this year.  Relax, I’m not going to get into politics or any of the social quicksand that we are all dealing with.  Quite the opposite.  I am finding that people are in a desperate search for a way to feel good.  So many people have stopped watching the news altogether and are tuning into Lifetime and Hallmark movies.  Predictable plot?  Yes.  Happily ever after?  YES!!

I’ve also noticed that many people put up their Christmas trees early this year–some as early as right after Halloween!  It can be said that we are skipping ahead on the calendar, but I truly believe that people are in search of joy.  And if a Christmas tree in October is how they get there, then I say rock on!!

There is also an explosion of popularity in the Danish practice Hygee, defined by the Oxford dictionary as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”.  Search it on Facebook or Pinterest and you will be amazed–and drawn in. (like this image from

Image from

I guess my point is that we are all in need of a little comfort in our lives in this volatile political and social climate.  What can you do to bring a little peace, love, and tranquility into your life?  And once you do, how can you share these feelings with the world?

Wishing you all peace, comfort, and happiness this Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget to indulge in love.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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