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Although most of my work (and the majority of my posts) focus on rehabbing furniture, upcycling encompasses so much more. For instance, leftover wood and hardware can be repurposed in many ways. (You should see my scrap wood pile!)

I was asked by a friend to create a 30-inch wall clock with a rustic/industrial theme. I had never created a clock before, so I developed a game plan (and give him a ton of credit for allowing me free reign to run with my idea). I had small pieces of 2 x 6 cedar left from another project that I ripped down to 1/2 inch slabs and cut to varying widths to create an interesting face for the clock. A box of screws caught my attention and by configuring the screws in a tight pattern ( with the assistance of excel) I formed the numbers for the clock. To complete the look, I purchased 1/2” metal bands and attached them to the circumference of the clock face with hex bolts. I ordered the clockworks and hands online and painted the hands to blend with the theme.
amy's upcycles, custom clock, custom, painted furniture

amy's upcycles, custom clock, custom, painted furniture

amy's upcycles, custom clock, custom, painted furniture


I’m happy to say that my friend likes the clock. Now my mind is rolling with what other themes I could create. Farmhouse, modern, auto theme, motorcycle theme…. I’m suddenly very grateful for my scrap woodpile! I’m also grateful for the people who challenge me to tackle new and exciting projects. I learned many new things (mostly the hard way) by building this clock, but these are skills I can apply to my next challenge.


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