Sentimental Dresser Becomes Beautiful Again

This dresser may go down as one of my all-time favorite makeovers.

Amy's Upcycles, Upcycle, Dresser, Painted Furniture, Pottstown PA, Refinish

It was a custom order from a client who wanted me to give it a fresh face. It was a sentimental piece which once belonged to her father-in-law. There were several coats of paint on the entire dresser, and there were two small boxes attached to the top which she wanted me to remove. I wasn’t sure what I was going to find under the boxes since I was unable to see how they were attached or how much damage would occur by removing them.

I took the plunge and discovered that there were several screws holding them into both the top and the scalloped back. Luckily the holes weren’t too large, so I felt I could fill them and stain them pretty seamlessly. Once I removed the drawer pulls and the scalloped backout came the belt sander. I removed all of the layers of paint and stain down to bare wood using progressively finer grit until there was a satin-smooth finish. A few minor repairs were needed to the body of the dresser and it was time for the fun part!!! The color scheme she wanted was a navy/gray on the body of the dresser, with a dark stain on the drawer fronts and the top.

Amy's Upcycles, Upcycle, Dresser, Painted Furniture, Pottstown PA, Refinish

The deep blue paint went on as a gorgeous contrast to the dark stain. This may be my new favorite color combo! Finally, I applied poly over the stain and a clear wax over the paint for durability. A few drawer pulls I scored at Hobby Lobby on clearance were the finishing touch!

I LOVE that this dresser got a brand new life and that the sentiment behind it was honored.


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