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Well, we have been at this “new normal” for a while now.  I have seen my life change in many ways, as I’m sure everyone has.  Out of curiosity, I recently posed the following question on a social media site (Creating a Cozy Life – Hygge style):

What positive habits or routines that you adopted during your time of isolation will you continue once things get “back to normal”?

I was so inspired by the responses that I received that I wanted to share a small sampling of them in this week’s post.  My intent is to share the things about this obviously difficult experience that people have embraced.  I hope it will inspire you to see beyond all of the challenges and recognize some positive shifts.

-Slowed down and turns out I like it.

-We started eating dinner in the dining room. And dinners aren’t rushed anymore! We sit, talk and share time together while enjoying a meal. Then everyone helps with clean up as a family. It’s fantastic!

-I decided my eating habits were either going to suffer or I would need a plan. So I started a diet and have been losing weight!

-Managing my food supplies in a more effective way. Canning what can be canned to prevent it from spoiling. Take things easy.

-Storytelling, retelling classics to my kids. Taking downtime to rest and not be on mom duty 24/7. Slowing down and including them in my daily tasks (my six-year-old has learned to cook in the last few weeks). Getting everyone outside for no good reason, making all of us work through boredom and the need to be entertained. I’ve started foraging more and started a huge garden from seed. We go fishing as a family. We already homeschooled, but looking at keeping some new traditions.

-Will keep my new germaphobe habits. Treating all resources (food, tp, etc) like they are gold. Realizing that my body is a resource and I have to protect it as there may be limited medical resources. Being kind and generous to all those around me, as they are so important to me. And during the darkest moments, breath, breath, breath, this too shall past.

-Out in the yard EVERY day. Getting better out there.

-I’ve gotten on a house cleaning routine. 🙂

-Turning every negative thought into positive right away and appreciating the good and small things. Attitude of gratitude even more nowadays.🙏

-Cooking a lot and using up almost every single part of whatever I’m using!

-Using only what I need-wasting less. Loving more.

-Virtual visiting every Saturday with family in other states and enjoying laughter with them.

-To NOT yell at our dog every time she barks. Since I have been at home with her every day instead of the office, she pretty much barks at everything (lots of delivery trucks and people walking). She is a Jack Russell and is only being protective of her home. So instead of yelling at her to stop barking I now just tell her softly that everything is OK.

Actually will continue to cook at home more than I used to. Before this quarantine, I was wanting, actually struggling to break the habit of going out too much. I’m actually enjoying cooking at home more.

-Lots of walks! And deep cleaning projects.

-Being frugal and living a quieter more simple life.

I hope this list can inspire you on the days you are struggling.  Find the good.  Focus on the good.

This picture has nothing to do with this post. She’s just so stinkin’ cute I thought she might make you smile.


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