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Lanterns From Lumber Scraps

What do you do when life hands you scraps?

You build lanterns!!

When you do as many projects as I do, you end up with scrap wood.  A LOT of scrap wood.  If I’m not careful, I can become overrun with these little treasures. When I get to the point where I need to reduce my stash, I create projects where I can use up the scrap.

Building lanterns is a great project and I came across simple plans from Jen Woodhouse.  None of the pieces for the smaller lantern are larger than 12 inches, so it makes great use of those small pieces that tend to take over a workshop.  I used a number of thicknesses of leftover lumber and ripped them to the desired thickness on my table saw.  Time-consuming?  Yes.  Free?  Yes!!

I wanted a more substantial handle than the plans called for and found some rope that I had previously used on another project.  I screwed eye hooks into the sides and thread the rope through, knotting it below in order to keep the rope away from the flame.  A little stain and these lanterns were complete.

These cute little lanterns light my porch and give me the added bonus of cleaning up my workshop!

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