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A New Spin on Repurposing a Crib into a Bench

I received a lot of positive feedback on my previous crib-to-bench and bed-to-bench repurposing projects.  As a result, I had another client reach out and ask me to do the same for her crib.  The part I love most about repurposing is that each project–while similar in concept–is completely different in execution and final results.

crib, bench, repurpose
Catalog photo of the original crib

This crib was convertible into a full-size bed.  The client did not want me to paint or refinish the crib itself because it has teeth marks from her children on the rails.  How stinkin’ cute is that????  She specifically did not want storage because they are trying to declutter.

The crib is a warm honey color, and the client’s home has a coastal feel.  The challenge was to make the finished bench fit into her home’s aesthetic.  Additionally, while I could have attempted to exactly match the stain on the crib for the build, I am a huge fan of offering a contrast to highlight the original finish.  She gave me very liberal artistic freedom, so when I suggested the idea of building a box as the foundation of the bench and painting it a soft gray-green, she gave me the go-ahead to run with my ideas.

I cut down the side rails of the crib to create the appropriate depth for the bench.  Then I removed most of the length from the slats on the front of the crib to make the front of the bench.  I kept the top rail intact because that is where the majority of the teeth marks were.

Once I had the new dimensions to work with, I cut the sides and top pieces of the box to form the bench seat.  They were all painted in the soft gray-green and sealed for durability.  Finally, it was time to put it all together.

The bench checks all the boxes.  It retained the sentimental tie to the crib by highlighting the original finish and teeth marks, but blends into a coastal aesthetic with the accent color.  My client was looking for a finished piece that could be passed down through the generations.  I think this bench fits the bill.

crib, bench, repurpose


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