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I’m always in problem-solving mode, but at the beginning of a brand new year, I feel especially inspired to come up with creative solutions to small inconveniences around the house.  The satisfaction is disproportionate to the actual original problem, but I’m kinda weird that way!

The first “victory” was designing a hanging note pad that was easy to write on.  My husband and I have tried to keep electronic shopping lists, but have found that good old pen and paper works better for us.  We decided the most logical place for this list was next to where we hang our keys and wallets.  The problem we encountered is due to our height difference and our different “handedness” (Dave is a lefty), there was no one convenient height that worked for both of us to write vertically.

I decided I would design a tear-off roll holder that could angle out to write on, and then retract back to sit flat against the wall when not in use.  Using materials I already had in the shop, I got to work designing and planning.

The finished project turned out better that I could have hoped— providing a stable writing surface that is low profile when not in use.

Wooden note roll holder
Wooden note roll holder

Stay tuned for my next little problem solver!


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