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Problem Solver #2

Admittedly, having a business built around upcycling can lead to a little bit of a storage problem, and one of the challenges I face is what to do with leftover cuts of wood.  The words “you never know what this could be the perfect solution for” go through my head more often than it should.  Granted, so do the words “it’s not hoarding if your stuff is cool”.

So anyway, several times a year I find myself overrun by my lumber stash.  I find it particularly hard to part with leftover walnut, mahogany and maple—even if the pieces are small.

Lumber, mahogany, walnut

As I was looking at my pile of leftovers, it occurred to me that the best way to make use of such beautiful pieces of wood is to create a butcher block cutting board.  The beauty of butcher block is there are no rules.  Just assemble random pieces of wood of the same length and thickness and you have yourself a cutting board.

I am a true sucker for wooden accessories in the kitchen.  Ok, wooden accessories anywhere.  But to bring the beauty of all of these woods together to be appreciated is truly satisfying beyond measure.  A little butcher block conditioner and the grains and color come to life.  It’s almost too pretty to cut on!!


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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