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Problem Solver #3

I’m not sure if you can relate, but when you have pets in the household, guarding your food can be a full-time job.  Baked goods that are cooling can be swiped (or licked) before you can even turn around.

I have always wanted to be able to eat dinner and relax without having to worry about watching what is still left in the kitchen.  At one point I considered building a pie safe, but I don’t have space in my kitchen to accommodate more furniture.

I was rummaging through my workshop looking for inspiration when I came across a really cool board that a friend had saved from the trash and given to me.

Old wooden board

It appears to have been used as a bulletin board at one time, but it was lovely wood with nice breadboard ends.  The wheels were turning.  Our  laundry room/pantry is located right next to the kitchen has a door that can be close to keep pets out. I discovered that the board fit perfectly over the utility sink in our laundry room, and created a flat surface where I can place food.

Utility sink

Off to the shop I went.  I cleaned and sanded the board, and glued the breadboard ends that had become loose.

Old wooden board Old wooden board

I stained the board and applied polyurethane for protection.

Old wooden board

The only dilemma was that the wood was not a heat-resistant surface for pots and baking pans straight from the oven or stove.  Cork trivets to the rescue!!  Each round trivet is $1, and the board fit 12 trivets. I glued them to the less attractive side of the board and  created a heat proof surface.  When not in use, the board stores upright next to the sink.

Trivets on board over utility sinkboard over utility sink

Utility sink

You never know when that simple item you have been holding onto can come to the rescue.  This little board solved a problem that I had been struggling with for years!


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