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Trestle-Style Dining Table

If you follow my blog, you know that I have built many farm-style dining tables over the years.  So when I received a request for a trestle dining table, I was excited for the challenge!  I had never built a trestle base before, and I think it is such a fantastic style.

The base is consists of two trestle supports connected by stretchers.  I constructed the trestle first, and then added the stretchers for stability.

trestle table base under construction

Trestle table base under construction

Next I constructed the table top, and hand planed it for texture and to create a “worn and loved” appearance to the wood.

Trestle table top under construction

The table top was to be stained Pecan to match the floors in the room and the other furnishings. (Swoon—sooo pretty)!

Trestle Table Top, Pecan finish

This table will be used by kids and adults alike in a downstairs family room.  With that in mind, the client needed finishes that made heavy use a non-issue.  She asked that the base be painted a crisp white, but distressed so that wear and tear (I call it life and love) would not be an issue.  She also wanted a quote on the side of the table that would symbolize family and gathering.  She chose “Love never fails.” 1 Cor 13:8.

I absolutely love the style of this table, and the finishes blend perfectly into her remodel-in-progress family room.  I can just envision the family gatherings and meals that will be held around the table that I had the honor to build.

Completed trestle style dining table with pecan stain and painted white base.


Completed trestle dining table with pecan stain and painted white base.


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