Half of a Hoosier Cabinet for the Laundry Room

This little cutie was saved from a dumpster by the keen eye of one of my clients.  It is the bottom half of a Hoosier cabinet (the top was no longer with it), but my client’s vision was to use it in her laundry room.  The enamel top and plentiful storage lend themselves perfectly to that role.

hoosier cabinet before

As is often the case with these cabinets, the floors and drawer bottoms are made of thin material that will not withstand much weight.  I replaced the floor and the missing shelf, adding supports to both for additional strength.  As the drawer sides were still in good shape, I chose to simply reinforce the existing drawer bottoms to add durability.

I removed and cleaned the original hardware to reuse, (I still cannot understand why people don’t remove hardware before they paint), as it matches the red on the enamel top.  Finally, I painted the body of the cabinet a soft gray, and the drawers and doors white.  I painted some stripe detail on the drawers for added interest and contrast.

Hoosier cabinet base after

This cabinet looks like it was made for the laundry room!

Hoosier cabinet base after

Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…



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