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Creative Storage Solution

My client originally contacted me to build storage cabinets to flank her distressed black buffet and hutch.  She does not have enough storage for pantry items and needed a solution.  We discussed options back and forth and never really could come up with an option that would give her what she needed without taking away from what she already had.

Black hutch with glass doors

We landed on the perfect solution when I suggested that we replace the glass panels on her hutch with wooden ones, allowing for hidden but accessible storage.

While black furniture would be easy enough to match, the distressing was what I really wanted to get right.  If I painted the panels solid black I was concerned that it would be like 3 black holes in the middle of her beautiful furniture.

First I color matched the “underneath” color and stained all the panels.  Then I color matched the black paint (yes—believe it or not there are many shades of black) and painted over top of the stain.  Finally, I gently sanded back the paint to reveal bits of the stain underneath.  A clear topcoat sealed the finish.

Black hutch with wooden doors

This solution was so economical given the alternative.  She now has plenty of storage for pantry items that is discretely out of view.  Sometimes extra space is hiding in plain sight!

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