Elegant Side Table Makeover

Side table makeover-before

Ok, she’s not looking as elegant here, but you can tell this little side table was just lovely in her original glory!  She just needed to be stripped down to her bare bones and given a fresh start.  Structurally, the table is in excellent condition.  It just had wear and tear from use, as well as a veneer top that could not be salvaged.

Side table before refinishing

I started by removing the tabletop and stripping the rest of the table back to bare wood.  A good sanding removed the scratches on the bottom shelf.  I made a new tabletop and routered the edges to recreate the decorative fluting.  Since my client wanted it to look like the original piece, I blended some stains to get the right color of deep brown finish with just the slightest hint of a red undertone for warmth.

A couple of coats of polyurethane ensured she was well-protected in the future.  She is a gorgeous side table once again!

Side table after refinishingEnd table after refinishing


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