Pew Gets a Fresh Makeover

Not all makeovers need to be drastic to be effective.  When my client sent me a photo of this pew, I thought it was gorgeous.  I mean, it has tons of character, it’s 8 feet long and it has been lovingly worn over the years.  My client was looking to “crisp it up” for a refresh that she completing with the help of interior designer Erin Cochran of Revealing Redesign.

Old church pew

So my job is to make it look fresh, without losing all of the amazing character and the story that the bench has to tell.  First things first, I did some repairs to loose joints and trim.  Then I  repaired damage and dings that didn’t necessarily contribute to its character.  I left nail holes that show how the pew was assembled, but filled in some scratches and paint chips.  My client and Erin agreed on a crisp shade of ivory for the facelift.  Finally, the finish was sealed for protection.

Upcycled church pew in ivory lace

Upcycled church pew in ivory lace

I love how this pew still tells her story, but looks fresh and updated.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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