Bathroom Vanity Makeover

It’s not often I get to work on bathroom vanities.  While I don’t do work on-site, I was able to refinish this vanity for my client because they removed it during demo of their bathroom and will reinstall it once I’m finished.

The cabinet (pictured here on its back in the workshop) is oak and the homeowners wanted it painted.

Builder grade oak bathroom vanity before

The trick is that they didn’t want any of the grain of the oak to show through.  Oak grain is quite deep, so filling the grain would require a special process to create a smooth finish.

Builder grade oak bathroom vanity before

I started by filling in damaged areas and making necessary repairs.

Next, I filled in the grain to ensure a smooth, even paint application.  A coat of oil-based primer helps ensure durability, followed by the client’s selected color of Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray.

Bathroom Vanity After, Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray

The finished vanity looks brand-new and is ready to be installed in the renovated bathroom.  I’m so happy that the homeowner took the extra step to upcycle the original vanity—saving money and the environment!

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