Whimsical Book Case

This bookcase was a roadside find of my friend Tom.  He is an excellent scout of cool, quality furniture that just has some aesthetic issues.  This bookcase didn’t disappoint.  It is well constructed and has sliding doors at the bottom for storage.  It is also a hideous shade of green-gold.  It actually looked kinda like mold.

Green bookcase before makeover

Another friend spied it in my garage and had a vision for it in his house.  And a new (to me) paint technique was born.

The bookcase was going to be used for display in a colorful room.  He asked me to paint it black and then splatter purple and green paint on it.  Understand that with the precision that my work usually requires, this “technique” goes against every fiber of my being.  But it was an absolute hoot!  I literally dipped my (gloved) fingers in a can of paint and just started flinging it.  It was just so much fun!!

Black painted bookcase with whimsical paint splatter


Black painted bookcase with whimsical paint splatter

The completed bookcase is whimsical and fun, and definitely fits the aesthetic that the client was looking for.  Kinda makes me want to splatter some other stuff!!


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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