Floral Accent Dresser

As is common with older furniture, this dresser is very well made.  The only repairs that were necessary were cosmetic from years of use.

4 drawer dresser before


I started by filling in deep scratches and giving it a good sanding.  Since I knew I wanted to paint the dresser white, I sealed the entire piece to keep the tannins in wood and stain from bleeding through.  Next I primed and painted.  The white paint gave the dresser a crisp, fresh look.

I decided I wanted to add some floral flair and added a branch and flower design to span the top, sides and across the drawers.  I kept the new knobs a simple bubble glass so as not to detract from the floral design.

White 4 drawer dresser after with floral accents
I love how fresh and dreamy the finished piece turned out!  And this dresser is now available on my new e-commerce website The Shop at Amy’s Upcycles!


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…


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