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Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge wood is wood that maintains its organic, original shape and texture and its edge has not been altered by tools.  It may or may not still have the bark attached.  I have used it throughout my house for a mantle, shelves, and even a charcuterie board.  I love live edge because it is rustic and it celebrates the original beauty of the tree.  (You all know that I geek out over beautiful wood grain!)

Live edge lumber

I built this live edge coffee table from a walnut tree that I had milled into thick, organic slabs. The wood grain is unbelievably beautiful.  After filling in the knots and holes with clear epoxy, it only needed sanding and a polyurethane topcoat to protect it.

Live edge coffee table

Since the wood is the star of this piece, I chose simple hairpin legs that almost visually disappear.

Live edge coffee table

This coffee table is one of my favorite pieces that I have produced—likely because it showcases the true beauty of the material in its most basic form.

Live edge coffee table


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