Trestle Desk Makeover

This trestle desk has a fabulous design, plenty of workspace, and tons of storage.  The finish and hardware, however, were making it look dated.  But when the bones are this great, you know it can be something really special.

amysupcycles, pottstown pa, Trestel desk, vintage, desk


amysupcycles, pottstown pa, Trestel desk, vintage, desk

I had visions of this desk sitting by an open window with a soft breeze blowing airy sheers (Yep-this is how my inspiration works sometimes) and decided to make this a feminine-style desk.  I chose a palette of creamy white, the “perfect” gray-green, and vintage accents to bring my vision to life.

First I sanded the desk down and filled in any damage–being careful to preserve some of the dings that give it character.  I painted the body and legs this gorgeous gray-green, and the desktop and shelf in a soft, feminine white.  Once I had the base color painted, I added the vintage accent to the worktop.  I loved how the image made the desktop look authentically old and blended with the soft, almost romantic feel of the piece.

Feminine trestle style desk in soft white and gray-green with vintage accent

I stripped and sanded all of the drawer faces, and restained them a sunbleached, driftwood tone.

amysupcycles, pottstown pa, Trestel desk, vintage, desk

Finally, I sealed the entire desk with a matte poly.  Fresh hardware in silver balances the soft, vintage colors.  The desk has optional glass for the desktop allowing for more protection with heavy use.

This desk would make any task a little more enjoyable.  It is available at The Shop At Amy’s Upcycyles.

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