Dresser Makeover

I simply could not pass on this dresser.  The curved top drawer, the detail in the shape and that cool (and somewhat odd) vacuum cleaner stamp on the back of one of the drawers.

Dresser makeover before

It did have its share of problems, though.  Upon close inspection, the entire top (which was not original) was warped.  There was a large crack in the panel on the side, and overall there were a lot of dings and scratches.

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I stripped and sanded the drawer faces down to bare wood to remove the scratches and gouges.  When I restained them, a gorgeous wood grain emerged.  I repaired the crack in the side and restained both side panels.  The body was painted in matte black to add contrast.  I removed the warped top and built a new one. Finally, new drawer pulls added a bit of style and flair.

Dresser makeover

With the makeover complete, this dresser is ready for its new home. It is available for purchase at


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