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Cutting Board Stand

Who doesn’t love a beautiful wooden cutting board?  There are so many different kinds… butcher block, end grain, bamboo, walnut, olive wood… I could go on and on.  They obviously have their utilitarian purposes, but they also display beautifully.  They can be hung on walls, showcased in cabinets, or my favorite—layered against a backsplash in the kitchen where they can be easily reached and still appreciated for their beauty and texture between uses.

Cutting Board Care Tip

Caring for wooden cutting boards is simple, but often misunderstood.  They need to be washed by hand and set upright to dry so that all sides have even airflow.  Wood is like a sponge and absorbs water when it is washed.  If left to dry flat on a surface, the top will dry first, causing the board to warp and cup upward.  By standing them upright, they dry evenly and don’t warp.  With this in mind, I made myself a cutting board stand.  Once the board is washed, it is placed in a groove on the stand and leaned up against the backsplash.  Residual water can drain into the groove, and the board has even airflow.  The stand is organic shaped and interesting, enabling you to arrange and display your cutting boards beautifully.

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