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Modern Makeover of a Dated Dresser

I love a good dresser makeover.  They are such blank canvases that can go in almost any direction.  This dresser is simple and very well made, but had some features that dated it.

Dresser before


The first thing I needed to address was the scrolls on the bottom.  I was looking for a clean, modern look, so the scrolls had to go.  I used my jigsaw to cut square edges, and suddenly the dresser looked completely different with clean lines.

I needed to sand the top to remove all of the scratches and damage, and the broken edge of the drawer needed to be repaired.  Once all of the structural updates were made, it was time to address the aesthetics.

The handles needed to be replaced, and I had an idea in mind.  I saved some old leather belts and wanted to use them to make drawer pulls.  I cut pieces of leather and punched a hole near each end.  I inserted a carriage bolt into the holes and secured it with a nut on the inside of the drawer.

The leather on the pulls was black, so I decided to stain the top of the dresser in True Black while painting the body and drawers in one of my favorite colors–a soft gray-green.

Dresser -after. Gray green with True Black stain and black leather drawer pulls

Dresser -after. Gray green with True Black stain and black leather drawer pulls

The final look is fresh and modern–a piece that could fit into any design style.  It is available for purchase at The Flying Pig Studio in Boyertown, PA.


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