Reinventing An Inherited Buffet

One of my most recent projects was repurposing a buffet that had been passed down from my client’s grandmother. Structurally, the buffet was in excellent condition, but showed some wear and tear on the finish.  She had seen one of my previous projects and wanted to convert this buffet into a wine bar.  After discussing different options, elements, and designs, we settled on a plan.

old buffet

I removed both doors, as well as the lower two drawers and their runners.  Once I was down to just 3 large open spaces, it was time to start building back in the elements that my client was looking for.

buffet repurposed to wine bar

On the left side, I made a full-depth shelf to divide the space.  In the middle, I made a 3-tier wine rack.  My original intent was to purchase a rack and install it, but I didn’t find one that was the right size and style.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I built one from scratch.   Finally, on the right side, I installed a wine glass rack (which I did purchase online).  All of the components were painted pale gray before installation.  Finally, I painted the exterior of the buffet and dry brushed a charcoal gray over the finish to add depth, age, and character.

The entire piece was protected with a top coat, and I filled the old drawer pull holes and created new holes for updated knobs.

The new wine bar is back home and ready to be filled with wine, glasses, plates, napkins, and all the necessary accessories for entertaining.   It will now serve my client’s lifestyle while honoring the past.


Hold My Wine, I’ve Got This…



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