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The (Almost) Unrecognizable Dining Table

I refinish a lot of dining tables.  Tables are often a large inventment in the way of furniture, and it only makes sense to make them last. This dining table took a makeover to a whole other level.  Most of my clients want their tables returned to their original condition--involving repairing damage and restaining and… Continue reading The (Almost) Unrecognizable Dining Table

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Playing around with stain

I've been experimenting with unconventional use of stain on furniture.  A few weeks ago I posted a blog called Pent Up Creativity about a table that I had done to resemble a seascape. This time I decided to play with a combination of stain and paint.  When I first saw this table, I was drawn… Continue reading Playing around with stain

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Custom Built

These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

We needed a sofa table to go in our newly refinished basement.  But what do you do when shopping is not an option?  You build from scraps!  Sure, you could order online, but with furniture that gets dicey.  Plus, this way you get EXACTLY what you want.  Size, color, finish...all custom made. I do have to… Continue reading These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

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Damaged Dresser Gets a Classy Makeover

I was looking through some old pictures recently and came across this makeover from a few years back.  I thought it was a good representation of possibilities.  I still love the soft neutrals and how the hardware POPS! The dresser was in pretty rough shape when I bought it.  There were a lot of scratches (and… Continue reading Damaged Dresser Gets a Classy Makeover

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Pent up creativity

So with my workshop shut down as a result of the pandemic, I've had some time on my hands.  Since I have a garage full of "treasure", (some may call it hoarding, I call it a collection of potential) I decided to play around with some new techniques. This little table was given to me… Continue reading Pent up creativity


Positive habits

Well, we have been at this "new normal" for a while now.  I have seen my life change in many ways, as I'm sure everyone has.  Out of curiosity, I recently posed the following question on a social media site (Creating a Cozy Life - Hygge style): What positive habits or routines that you adopted… Continue reading Positive habits

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Hoosier Cabinet Reborn

This Hoosier cabinet makeover was so much fun! My client was given this cabinet and it was in pretty rough condition.  Although the flour bin and sifter were in great shape, it was missing the roll-down door on the top and the decorative trim on the bottom of the base was no longer attached.  The floor… Continue reading Hoosier Cabinet Reborn

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A table makeover to distract you from coronavirus

I want to share a recent project that I completed for a local business (before the shut down).  It is a round table used in an office during consultations.  The table fits the needs of the office well, and as it does not have individual legs, it works well for sitting side by side during… Continue reading A table makeover to distract you from coronavirus


I’m Still Here…Wondering What I Can Do

I hope this post finds each of you safe and healthy.  I have been uncharacteristically quiet lately because, frankly, I don't know what to say.  I find that personally, I am sick of hearing about the Coronavirus.  In contrast, anything else seems frivolous.  So I'm just going to speak from my heart. This situation sucks.… Continue reading I’m Still Here…Wondering What I Can Do