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Custom Built Frames

We've all done it.  We get sucked in by those canvas print Groupon deals.  We order our favorite picture (or pictures for gifts).  Sometimes they look amazing.  Sometimes the look a little. Well...unfinished. Custom built frames are the easy solution.  They can be built to any size, depth, color, and finish.  That means you can… Continue reading Custom Built Frames

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Reducing drafts

A client recently asked me to help her reduce the draft in her living room that was coming from her fireplace surround.  It seemed that no matter what she tried, there was always a "wind" blowing from the fireplace.  She had the idea of covering the entire opening to reduce the airflow but wanted it… Continue reading Reducing drafts


Snazzy storage upgrade

I client of mine came across this cool little cabinet.  It is unique in how many drawers it has for storage and definitely has a vintage feel.  The problem was that it looked a little too much like a piece of office furniture.  We decided that the original finish on the metal should stay as… Continue reading Snazzy storage upgrade


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season--whatever your faith or beliefs.  I think it's important to remember this time of year that regardless of the words, the sentiment remains the same.  This is the season of love, compassion, joy, and giving.  May you be blessed in the New Year. I absolutely… Continue reading Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


If only we could get out of our own way

This article I found on BBC is a powerful example of the opportunity that exists for upcycling and reducing waste but also illustrates how laws, technicalities and our litigious society can sideline even the best efforts.  This particular article is geared toward goods, but imagine the implications as this concept relates to food.   There are… Continue reading If only we could get out of our own way


A great reminder this week–Gratitude

Gratitude April 25, 2017 This weeks post may seem a little off topic, but I promise to circle it back. I noticed my attitude and chain of thoughts this week as I started the chore of dusting my house. Now, I have to say that dusting is truly one of my least favorite home maintenance… Continue reading A great reminder this week–Gratitude

Custom Built

At Attention

I was recently hired by Dave and Lesley Shade from At Attention Dog Training in King of Prussia to help complete their military-based dog training facility.  I normally work on one or two pieces for a client within their decor and was so excited to be a part of building an entire brand for this… Continue reading At Attention


New Home for a Vintage Stereo

I client recently asked me to build a cabinet to house a vintage stereo system, including two large speakers, a receiver and a CD player.  I got to work on measuring dimensions and designing their cabinet.  Since the overall dimensions would be 32" wide, 21" deep and 46" high, I decided to build the sides… Continue reading New Home for a Vintage Stereo


Built for a crowd, yet deeply personal

I was recently asked to build two large farm tables for a client.  He frequently opens his home up to friends, family and the community and was looking for a way to seat a crowd, while being able to store the tables when not in use.  I came up with a design that would allow… Continue reading Built for a crowd, yet deeply personal