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Hoosier Cabinet Revival

I am so pleased that I have been able to revive two Hoosier Cabinets this year alone!  If you're unfamiliar, Hoosier Cabinets were used in the early 1900s before kitchen cabinets were built-in.  They provided storage and a work surface--often including flour sifters within the cabinet. My client contacted me to save this cabinet because… Continue reading Hoosier Cabinet Revival


Combining Paint and Stain on a Single Piece of Furniture Opens Endless Possibilities

I get a lot of feedback in my day to day conversations about why people are hesitant to have their furniture refinished or painted.  Some people strongly believe that you should never paint “good wood”.  Others think that a particular piece is too damaged to be salvaged.  Still, others are just creatively stuck.  They are… Continue reading Combining Paint and Stain on a Single Piece of Furniture Opens Endless Possibilities

Amy's Upcycles, Pottstown PA, upcycle, refinish, restore, painted furniture

Mid-Century Modern Refresh

I LOVE a good restoration challenge.  When my client originally contacted me, she was interested in having the tops of her bedroom set (two dressers and a nightstand) refinished.  She had originally purchased this Heywood-Wakefield set from her grandfather's furniture store, so they hold sentimental value.  They had significant wear, but not uncommon for pieces… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern Refresh

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Adding Style and Sophistication with a Bold Paint Color

I was reviewing some pieces that I refinished a few years back, and this sideboard always remains one of my favorites.  My client is an author and photographer with an eye for art and design.  Her choice of color for this sideboard was both bold and perfect! The sideboard was a piece that had been… Continue reading Adding Style and Sophistication with a Bold Paint Color

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The (Almost) Unrecognizable Dining Table

I refinish a lot of dining tables.  Tables are often a large inventment in the way of furniture, and it only makes sense to make them last. This dining table took a makeover to a whole other level.  Most of my clients want their tables returned to their original condition--involving repairing damage and restaining and… Continue reading The (Almost) Unrecognizable Dining Table

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Playing around with stain

I've been experimenting with unconventional use of stain on furniture.  A few weeks ago I posted a blog called Pent Up Creativity about a table that I had done to resemble a seascape. This time I decided to play with a combination of stain and paint.  When I first saw this table, I was drawn… Continue reading Playing around with stain

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Custom Built

These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

We needed a sofa table to go in our newly refinished basement.  But what do you do when shopping is not an option?  You build from scraps!  Sure, you could order online, but with furniture that gets dicey.  Plus, this way you get EXACTLY what you want.  Size, color, finish...all custom made. I do have to… Continue reading These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

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Damaged Dresser Gets a Classy Makeover

I was looking through some old pictures recently and came across this makeover from a few years back.  I thought it was a good representation of possibilities.  I still love the soft neutrals and how the hardware POPS! The dresser was in pretty rough shape when I bought it.  There were a lot of scratches (and… Continue reading Damaged Dresser Gets a Classy Makeover

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Pent up creativity

So with my workshop shut down as a result of the pandemic, I've had some time on my hands.  Since I have a garage full of "treasure", (some may call it hoarding, I call it a collection of potential) I decided to play around with some new techniques. This little table was given to me… Continue reading Pent up creativity