I don’t know about you, but I’m still processing the impact of Covid on the holidays.  Most likely, you celebrated Thanksgiving in an unconventional manner.  With Christmas right around the corner, it kinda feels like a double whammy of restrictions from friends and family.  I’ve read a few things lately that have really helped me… Continue reading Perspective


Creating a More Abundant Life at Home

We are all certainly aware that we are spending time at home more than ever these days.  I just rewatched this video from my very gifted friend Erin Cochran from Revealing Redesign.  In this video, she talks about creating a more abundant life at home.  As our perspectives and situations have changed so drastically in the… Continue reading Creating a More Abundant Life at Home

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What Adds Comfort to Your Home?

As we all try to navigate this challenge new reality, we are spending a lot more time at home.  We are working, learning, and even shopping from home now more than ever.  With all the extra time and demands now placed on our homes, it only makes sense to want to make that space feel… Continue reading What Adds Comfort to Your Home?


Positive habits

Well, we have been at this "new normal" for a while now.  I have seen my life change in many ways, as I'm sure everyone has.  Out of curiosity, I recently posed the following question on a social media site (Creating a Cozy Life - Hygge style): What positive habits or routines that you adopted… Continue reading Positive habits


I’m Still Here…Wondering What I Can Do

I hope this post finds each of you safe and healthy.  I have been uncharacteristically quiet lately because, frankly, I don't know what to say.  I find that personally, I am sick of hearing about the Coronavirus.  In contrast, anything else seems frivolous.  So I'm just going to speak from my heart. This situation sucks.… Continue reading I’m Still Here…Wondering What I Can Do

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Work With What You Have

I recently hosted a workshop with Erin Cochran of Revealing Redesign on how to get "unstuck" with your home challenges.  One of the topics we covered with this wonderful group of fun and energetic people (I'm telling you, this group was a hoot!) is working with what you already have.  You may look at some… Continue reading Work With What You Have