Custom Built

At Attention

I was recently hired by Dave and Lesley Shade from At Attention Dog Training in King of Prussia to help complete their military-based dog training facility.  I normally work on one or two pieces for a client within their decor and was so excited to be a part of building an entire brand for this… Continue reading At Attention


New Home for a Vintage Stereo

I client recently asked me to build a cabinet to house a vintage stereo system, including two large speakers, a receiver and a CD player.  I got to work on measuring dimensions and designing their cabinet.  Since the overall dimensions would be 32" wide, 21" deep and 46" high, I decided to build the sides… Continue reading New Home for a Vintage Stereo


Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to showcase examples of my work at the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce. During the month of July, I have several pieces on display at the Chamber office.  If you are interested in seeing these items in person, you can stop by the Chamber at 152 E. High St.,… Continue reading Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display


Damage Repair and a Makeover

I have a friend who ordered this cute little storage unit, but unfortunately, it arrived with the door broken.   She called the company and they told her to just dispose of it and they would send her a new one.  Sooooo.... I loved the size and functionality of this storage unit.  But without the… Continue reading Damage Repair and a Makeover