Live edge coffee table
Custom Built

Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge wood is wood that maintains its organic, original shape and texture and its edge has not been altered by tools.  It may or may not still have the bark attached.  I have used it throughout my house for a mantle, shelves, and even a charcuterie board.  I love live edge because it is… Continue reading Live Edge Coffee Table

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Pent up creativity

So with my workshop shut down as a result of the pandemic, I've had some time on my hands.  Since I have a garage full of "treasure", (some may call it hoarding, I call it a collection of potential) I decided to play around with some new techniques. This little table was given to me… Continue reading Pent up creativity

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Work With What You Have

I recently hosted a workshop with Erin Cochran of Revealing Redesign on how to get "unstuck" with your home challenges.  One of the topics we covered with this wonderful group of fun and energetic people (I'm telling you, this group was a hoot!) is working with what you already have.  You may look at some… Continue reading Work With What You Have


Coffee and End Tables Get a Second Life

My client contacted me about refinishing some tables that they had had for a number of years.  These tables were well worn and in need of refinishing.  They were, however, some of the coolest designed tables I have ever worked on.  The doors on the front open and can be used as display space or… Continue reading Coffee and End Tables Get a Second Life

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Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover

I had the pleasure of refinishing a dry sink and cedar chest for a client recently.  Both items had been in the family and held sentimental value.  The dry sink had been painted red at some point over the years, and had also served as a teething block for some puppies along the way!  It… Continue reading Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover


The (literally) Wrapped Surprise

I was recently contacted by a client with a request to save her old coffee table.  She sent a picture and it was a large, square table with upholstered edges and a solid middle.  The fabric was worn, but she loved the size and shape of the table, as well as the fact that it… Continue reading The (literally) Wrapped Surprise