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Custom Built

What do you do when life hands you scraps?

You build lanterns!! When you do as many projects as I do, you end up with scrap wood.  A LOT of scrap wood.  If I'm not careful, I can become overrun with these little treasures. When I get to the point where I need to reduce my stash, I create projects where I can use… Continue reading What do you do when life hands you scraps?


The missing link

This project was so much fun! The client contacted me to finish this bookcase to go in her young daughter's bedroom.  The Lilly Pulitzer-style room was bursting with color and accented with navy blue.  She wanted the background of the bookcase to be Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy and wanted a link pattern in gold across the… Continue reading The missing link

Custom Built

Custom Built Frames

We've all done it.  We get sucked in by those canvas print Groupon deals.  We order our favorite picture (or pictures for gifts).  Sometimes they look amazing.  Sometimes the look a little. Well...unfinished. Custom built frames are the easy solution.  They can be built to any size, depth, color, and finish.  That means you can… Continue reading Custom Built Frames


Snazzy Storage Upgrade

I client of mine came across this cool little cabinet.  It is unique in how many drawers it has for storage and definitely has a vintage feel.  The problem was that it looked a little too much like a piece of office furniture.  We decided that the original finish on the metal should stay as… Continue reading Snazzy Storage Upgrade


Pretty Little Table

I was beyond excited when I had the opportunity to purchase this table.  I loved the style and knew that even though it needed quite a bit of help, none of the repairs were particularly complicated.  It was extremely wobbly, was missing its drawer, and had been painted in a way that created texture all… Continue reading Pretty Little Table


What Goes Around…

I spend a lot of time refinishing old furniture.  It's worth mentioning, however, that home accessories can also be refinished to give them new life.  A great example is this old lazy susan that has clearly seen better days.  (If you aren't familiar with lazy susans, they are THE BEST for providing easy-access storage and… Continue reading What Goes Around…


Mid-Century Modern

This week's project is a perfect example of how very specific period pieces can be updated to look fresh and modern while staying true to their style.  I was contacted by a client who had inherited this fantastic mid-century modern dresser and nightstand.       They loved the look but recognized that it needed… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern


How to Pick a Color

Today I'm hoping to help you break down the barrier of selecting a paint color.  I am a HUGE color geek and could spend literally hours in the swatch section of the paint store, but I know that actually committing to the "perfect" color can be as intimidating as walking naked into a room full… Continue reading How to Pick a Color


Summer Color

When I first saw this buffet, I knew that it was special.  It had beautiful detail that was going to be spectacular once it was highlighted.  Overall it was in excellent condition aside from the giant chunk out of the top and several deep scratches.   The chunk eliminated any chance of staining the top,… Continue reading Summer Color


Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to showcase examples of my work at the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce. During the month of July, I have several pieces on display at the Chamber office.  If you are interested in seeing these items in person, you can stop by the Chamber at 152 E. High St.,… Continue reading Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display