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Repurposing Furniture: Turning A Desk into a Kitchen Island

Did you ever have a quality piece of furniture that was nice, but just not something you needed?  Consider transforming it into something you will love--and that will fit your lifestyle! This desk is high-quality and extremely well-constructed.  I wanted to take the opportunity to transform it into something completely different.  Considering the size, quality,… Continue reading Repurposing Furniture: Turning A Desk into a Kitchen Island


The Sweetest Story of a Desk Reimagined

I absolutely love the story behind this desk.  My client took over her father's business, and he had taken it over from his father.  This desk was the original desk in her grandfather's office.  You can actually feel the history and sentiment when you look at it.  It was well worn from generations of use.… Continue reading The Sweetest Story of a Desk Reimagined

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The beauty of a paint and stain combination

In speaking to clients and potential clients, I get a lot of information about why people are hesitant to have their furniture refinished.  Some people strongly believe that you should never paint "good wood".  Others think that a particular piece is too damaged to be salvaged.  Still, others are just creatively stuck.  They are having… Continue reading The beauty of a paint and stain combination

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One-of-a-Kind Sets You Apart

I recently visited the home of a wonderful couple.  When I walked in the front door, my eye immediately went to a fabulous red high chair in the next room. I was curious because the couple does not have small children, but it was just such a cool piece.  After chatting with them for a… Continue reading One-of-a-Kind Sets You Apart

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How I Transformed a Desk into a Kitchen Island

I acquired this desk through a friend and I just knew it was asking to be special (and for those raised eyebrows, no-I don't hear voices- but the furniture does have a way of communicating with you if you are willing to listen). The desk is very heavy and extremely well-constructed.  What better transformation than to… Continue reading How I Transformed a Desk into a Kitchen Island


Amazing Desk Transformation

I get so excited when I get to work on gorgeous pieces like this desk.  It is a high-quality piece of furniture and came to me in pretty good condition.  The few areas of damage, however, presented a challenge. The top of the desk had a pretty deep scratch.  While normally it could be easily… Continue reading Amazing Desk Transformation


Office Hideaway

This media unit was given to me by a client. I love the style and character and was brainstorming on what I was going to create with this piece. Then they sneaky little voice in my head started to whisper that I may love this piece too much to part with it, and it started… Continue reading Office Hideaway


The Cabinet that Does Everything

This is hands down one of the coolest pieces I have ever had the pleasure to refinish.  It is the "everything" cabinet.  It offers tons of storage in the way of drawers and doors, it showcases collectibles in 9 individual cubbies, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the top drawer opens… Continue reading The Cabinet that Does Everything


Cartoons Reimagined

A lot of what I do involves repurposing pieces in their new life.  When I saw this desk, I immediately knew I wanted to create a coffee or wine bar.  Drink bars are becoming more and more popular, and I love finding compact pieces that will fit the bill. I purchased this old secretary desk (yes,… Continue reading Cartoons Reimagined


From Feminine to Masculine

This desk came to me as an old "girl's" desk.  Not only were the features and color feminine, but there was glitter and sparkles GALORE inside the drawers.  The front faces of the drawers had somewhat random detailing, with top one having oval trim and the bottom two having a corrugated square trim.  And yes, I… Continue reading From Feminine to Masculine