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Old Dresser Makeover

I have a thing for old dressers.  I love their lines, curves, and style.  I love their quality--even if they are in need of repair. I simply could not pass on this dresser.  The curved top drawer, the detail in the shape and that cool (and somewhat odd) vacuum cleaner stamp on the back of… Continue reading Old Dresser Makeover

Amy's Upcycles, Upcycle, Dresser, Painted Furniture, Pottstown PA, Refinish

Sentimental Dresser Becomes Beautiful Again

This dresser may go down as one of my all-time favorite makeovers. It was a custom order from a client who wanted me to give it a fresh face. It was a sentimental piece which once belonged to her father-in-law. There were several coats of paint on the entire dresser, and there were two small… Continue reading Sentimental Dresser Becomes Beautiful Again

antique dresser, amy's upcycles, painted furniture, refinish, Pottstown PA

Saving Grandma’s Dresser

When a client contacted me to revive her grandmother's dresser, estimated at about 100 years old, I was so excited for the opportunity!  Restoring old, sentimental pieces makes me swoon!!  Upon seeing the dresser in person, I realized it was going to be a big undertaking.  All of the drawers needed to have the bottoms… Continue reading Saving Grandma’s Dresser

Amy's Upcycles, painted and stained furniture, Pottstown PA

The beauty of a paint and stain combination

In speaking to clients and potential clients, I get a lot of information about why people are hesitant to have their furniture refinished.  Some people strongly believe that you should never paint "good wood".  Others think that a particular piece is too damaged to be salvaged.  Still, others are just creatively stuck.  They are having… Continue reading The beauty of a paint and stain combination

refinished furniture, before and after

Vintage Dresser Makeover

This gorgeous little dresser got a fresh face with some refinishing and a little paint. When a client contacted me with a picture of this little vintage dresser I absolutely swooned! Look at the lines and the details!  Granted, it was showing its age a bit, but it was clear that with a makeover it… Continue reading Vintage Dresser Makeover


A Challenging Little Bugger

I had in my mind that this dresser/nightstand combo would be a pretty simple makeover.  Shame on me for making that assumption!  I knew that the leg on the dresser was broken, but I wasn't concerned because I fix that kind of thing all the time. When I started in on the repairs for the… Continue reading A Challenging Little Bugger


A Fresher Dresser

I was given this dresser by a family member.  I absolutely fell in love with the style and lines of this piece.  The problem was that it was falling apart.  As you can see in the before picture, the bottom was falling out, and most of the drawer slides had come apart.  Structurally, it needed… Continue reading A Fresher Dresser


The Right Kind of Distressed

This dresser is the perfect example of why I love to do what I do.  When I picked up this piece, it was in ROUGH shape.  The finish was chipped, stained and dirty, and half of the drawers wouldn't open.  I knew it was a good sign, however, when I was super heavy.  When I… Continue reading The Right Kind of Distressed


Mid-Century Modern

This week's project is a perfect example of how very specific period pieces can be updated to look fresh and modern while staying true to their style.  I was contacted by a client who had inherited this fantastic mid-century modern dresser and nightstand.       They loved the look but recognized that it needed… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern


Old Reliable

Didn't everyone (over 40) have a dresser like this somewhere in their house when they were growing up?   The old reliable, brown, sturdy, dresser with the laminate top.  I think they only manufactured one style of drawer pull hardware during this period as well!  This dresser was in great shape--it was just dated. Laminate… Continue reading Old Reliable