Completed trestle style dining table with pecan stain and painted white base.
Custom Built

Trestle-Style Dining Table

If you follow my blog, you know that I have built many farm-style dining tables over the years.  So when I received a request for a trestle dining table, I was excited for the challenge!  I had never built a trestle base before, and I think it is such a fantastic style. The base is… Continue reading Trestle-Style Dining Table

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Hoosier Cabinet Reborn

This Hoosier cabinet makeover was so much fun! My client was given this cabinet and it was in pretty rough condition.  Although the flour bin and sifter were in great shape, it was missing the roll-down door on the top and the decorative trim on the bottom of the base was no longer attached.  The floor… Continue reading Hoosier Cabinet Reborn

custom built dining table, painted furniture, personalize, Pottstown PA
Custom Built

Custom-Built and Personalized Table

I was asked to build two large farm tables for a client.  He frequently opens his home up to friends, family and the community and was looking for a way to seat a crowd, while being able to store the tables when not in use.  I came up with a design that would allow the… Continue reading Custom-Built and Personalized Table


What Goes Around…

I spend a lot of time refinishing old furniture.  It's worth mentioning, however, that home accessories can also be refinished to give them new life.  A great example is this old lazy susan that has clearly seen better days.  (If you aren't familiar with lazy susans, they are THE BEST for providing easy-access storage and… Continue reading What Goes Around…


Well Read

I came across this skeleton of a bookcase.  It had no back and no shelves, but it was a great size and was well built.  I added it to my "stash " of pieces that I would get to someday.  Well, someday came and I decided to tackle the bookcase. I started by filling in… Continue reading Well Read


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

Not just the lyrics to a song.  Signs are the perfect way to communicate messages in your home as well.  They can offer welcome to guests, tell a story about the family who lives there or express values and beliefs.  They can even add humor.  Take a look at some of the signs I have… Continue reading Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…


Just to be Fancy

I realize that the vast majority of my posts involve taking beat-up pieces of furniture and cleaning them up.  Sometimes, though, you have a piece of furniture in perfectly good condition.  It's just BORING.  Nothing wrong with taking the opportunity to fancy it up!! I received this bookcase as a donation.  There is absolutely nothing… Continue reading Just to be Fancy


Time Out!

Sometimes upcycling takes the form of reinventing a piece but keeping its original intent. As trends come and go, some very useful pieces of furniture fall out of “style”. For instance, formal wooden chairs for children are not often used anymore. They are adorable, but let's be honest, children tend to gravitate toward something more… Continue reading Time Out!



With the advent of laptops and tablets, formal desks (particularly wooden ones) are not in demand the way they once were. There are tons of these desks at garage sales, flea markets, and auctions. Usually, you can score one pretty cheap. The end goal? A vanity of course! Vanities appeal to girls of all ages.… Continue reading Vanity