Custom Built

How to relieve stress, team build and have fun in one simple step!

A lot of companies are renewing their focus on employee health and wellness.  In addition to offering health coaching and insurance incentives, many companies are recognizing the value and benefit in recreational team building. What better way to encourage a little fun and stress relief than CORNHOLE!!! Cornhole boards are simple to construct and can… Continue reading How to relieve stress, team build and have fun in one simple step!


The missing link

This project was so much fun! The client contacted me to finish this bookcase to go in her young daughter's bedroom.  The Lilly Pulitzer-style room was bursting with color and accented with navy blue.  She wanted the background of the bookcase to be Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy and wanted a link pattern in gold across the… Continue reading The missing link

Custom Built

The Mantle of my Dreams

When we purchased our home 3 years ago, we fell in love with it.  It was the layout, size, and space we were looking for.  It was colonial in style, but the problem was, my husband and I are not colonial in taste.  Therefore we set out to adapt some of the features of the… Continue reading The Mantle of my Dreams

Custom Built

At Attention

I was recently hired by Dave and Lesley Shade from At Attention Dog Training in King of Prussia to help complete their military-based dog training facility.  I normally work on one or two pieces for a client within their decor and was so excited to be a part of building an entire brand for this… Continue reading At Attention


Custom Embellishments

Today I'm going to teach you the method I use to create custom embellishments.  It is a great way to add a 3D element to furniture and let me tell you, the sky is the limit when it comes to design. For this tutorial, I'm going to use a Tree of Life design that I recently… Continue reading Custom Embellishments


Hooked on a Feeling

I have done several pieces for this particular client, and she has a passion for summer and the shore.  She has carefully crafted her home to create the vibe she loves and can appreciate it every day.   She has a wonderful screened-in porch that she wanted to transition into a relaxing, beach-inspired entertaining area.… Continue reading Hooked on a Feeling


What Goes Around…

I spend a lot of time refinishing old furniture.  It's worth mentioning, however, that home accessories can also be refinished to give them new life.  A great example is this old lazy susan that has clearly seen better days.  (If you aren't familiar with lazy susans, they are THE BEST for providing easy-access storage and… Continue reading What Goes Around…


Well Read

I came across this skeleton of a bookcase.  It had no back and no shelves, but it was a great size and was well built.  I added it to my "stash " of pieces that I would get to someday.  Well, someday came and I decided to tackle the bookcase. I started by filling in… Continue reading Well Read


Mid-Century Modern

This week's project is a perfect example of how very specific period pieces can be updated to look fresh and modern while staying true to their style.  I was contacted by a client who had inherited this fantastic mid-century modern dresser and nightstand.       They loved the look but recognized that it needed… Continue reading Mid-Century Modern


Old TV Cabinet

Gone are the days of those televisions that are 2 feet deep, 1000 pounds and require their own piece of furniture.  As a result, half of the population is left with television cabinets they no longer use.  Many thrift stores are so overrun with these cabinets that they will no longer accept them.  Most have… Continue reading Old TV Cabinet