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What do you do when life hands you scraps?

You build lanterns!! When you do as many projects as I do, you end up with scrap wood.  A LOT of scrap wood.  If I'm not careful, I can become overrun with these little treasures. When I get to the point where I need to reduce my stash, I create projects where I can use… Continue reading What do you do when life hands you scraps?


Top 5 Ways to Source Furniture for DIY Makeovers

Sourcing furniture for DIY projects can be fun and exhilarating.  Check out my top 5 resources for scoring the best pieces. If you are interested in DIY furniture upcycling, the first obvious step is sourcing your pieces. I have gone through a lot of trial and error to determine the best places to find furniture… Continue reading Top 5 Ways to Source Furniture for DIY Makeovers

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Time to Let Ourselves Off the Hook

"There’s nothing here that’s too perfect. And that’s OK. It works with the house." -Carey Vizzi Jacobs, Magnolia Journal, Summer 2017 Have you ever looked around your house and seen everything that was "wrong"?  Do you find yourself apologizing to company about the rug that needs replacing, the table that is showing its age or… Continue reading Time to Let Ourselves Off the Hook


It’s More than Just a Job

Some of you have seen this picture that I recently found on Pinterest and reposted. When I read this quote, it actually made something in my heart ache because it is so relatable.  For me, furniture is my artwork.  When you see a piece of my furniture in a shop or on my website, you see… Continue reading It’s More than Just a Job

Custom Built

The Mantle of my Dreams

When we purchased our home 3 years ago, we fell in love with it.  It was the layout, size, and space we were looking for.  It was colonial in style, but the problem was, my husband and I are not colonial in taste.  Therefore we set out to adapt some of the features of the… Continue reading The Mantle of my Dreams

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Reducing Drafts

A client recently asked me to help her reduce the draft in her living room that was coming from her fireplace surround.  It seemed that no matter what she tried, there was always a "wind" blowing from the fireplace.  She had the idea of covering the entire opening to reduce the airflow but wanted it… Continue reading Reducing Drafts


Snazzy Storage Upgrade

I client of mine came across this cool little cabinet.  It is unique in how many drawers it has for storage and definitely has a vintage feel.  The problem was that it looked a little too much like a piece of office furniture.  We decided that the original finish on the metal should stay as… Continue reading Snazzy Storage Upgrade


A Great Reminder this Week–Gratitude

Gratitude April 25, 2017 This weeks post may seem a little off topic, but I promise to circle it back. I noticed my attitude and chain of thoughts this week as I started the chore of dusting my house. Now, I have to say that dusting is truly one of my least favorite home maintenance… Continue reading A Great Reminder this Week–Gratitude

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Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover

I had the pleasure of refinishing a dry sink and cedar chest for a client recently.  Both items had been in the family and held sentimental value.  The dry sink had been painted red at some point over the years, and had also served as a teething block for some puppies along the way!  It… Continue reading Dry Sink and Cedar Chest Makeover


The Little Kidney Bean

So this little cutie came my way as a custom order.  It is a vintage vanity, and from what I could find, it dates to the 1930's-1950's.  Originally it had a fabric skirt as evidenced by the staples around the top.  I thought the piece was really cool but in pretty rough shape.  First things… Continue reading The Little Kidney Bean