Eye Catching Little Table Makeover

I bought this little table at a thrift store a few years ago.  It is in great condition, it just didn’t have a lot going for it aesthetically.  It had this great inset area on the top that was just begging for something interesting. I decided on penny tile for the top, so that I… Continue reading Eye Catching Little Table Makeover

End table, light and dark gray with bicycle image, before and after

End Table Transforms from Formal to Freewheeling

Yes, I crack myself up with the puns!  Freewheeling…bicycle…get it??!! Anyway, I had this end table that I received in trade.  It had some cosmetic damage to the top in the way of scratches, and parts of the decorative legs were missing on 3 sides.  Luckily, the missing parts were saved inside one of the… Continue reading End Table Transforms from Formal to Freewheeling

End table before and after

Elegant Side Table Makeover

Ok, she’s not looking as elegant here, but you can tell this little side table was just lovely in her original glory!  She just needed to be stripped down to her bare bones and given a fresh start.  Structurally, the table is in excellent condition.  It just had wear and tear from use, as well… Continue reading Elegant Side Table Makeover

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Custom Built

A Farm Table for Gathering

A client recently contacted me about building a large, rustic, farm-style dining table, and two matching benches.  She wanted a place for her kids and their friends to gather, as well as a place to host family dinners.  She was hoping to seat 10 people.  After measurements and calculations, we ended up deciding on a… Continue reading A Farm Table for Gathering

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Playing around with stain

I've been experimenting with unconventional use of stain on furniture.  A few weeks ago I posted a blog called Pent Up Creativity about a table that I had done to resemble a seascape. This time I decided to play with a combination of stain and paint.  When I first saw this table, I was drawn… Continue reading Playing around with stain

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Custom Built

These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

We needed a sofa table to go in our newly refinished basement.  But what do you do when shopping is not an option?  You build from scraps!  Sure, you could order online, but with furniture that gets dicey.  Plus, this way you get EXACTLY what you want.  Size, color, finish...all custom made. I do have to… Continue reading These Days, Necessity Truly Is the Mother of Invention

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A table makeover to distract you from coronavirus

I want to share a recent project that I completed for a local business (before the shut down).  It is a round table used in an office during consultations.  The table fits the needs of the office well, and as it does not have individual legs, it works well for sitting side by side during… Continue reading A table makeover to distract you from coronavirus

Custom-built farm table, custom size, custom finish, custom details, amy's upcycles, Pottstown PA
Custom Built

Farm Tables Any Way You Like

As I recently covered in a blog post, custom-built furniture is the perfect way to get EXACTLY what you want.  Don't let big box stores dictate your options.  This week's post illustrates design and finish options of the same basic table build.           The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.… Continue reading Farm Tables Any Way You Like

custom built dining table, painted furniture, personalize, Pottstown PA
Custom Built

Custom-Built and Personalized Table

I was asked to build two large farm tables for a client.  He frequently opens his home up to friends, family and the community and was looking for a way to seat a crowd, while being able to store the tables when not in use.  I came up with a design that would allow the… Continue reading Custom-Built and Personalized Table

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One-of-a-Kind Sets You Apart

I recently visited the home of a wonderful couple.  When I walked in the front door, my eye immediately went to a fabulous red high chair in the next room. I was curious because the couple does not have small children, but it was just such a cool piece.  After chatting with them for a… Continue reading One-of-a-Kind Sets You Apart