The Big (re)Finish

A few weeks ago I posted about the makeover of a gorgeous buffet/hutch (see Beautiful Both Ways). I just had the opportunity to refinish the dining table top in the same room.  The table is solid hickory and beautifully made.  It did have a few rings on it from 30 years of use, and it… Continue reading The Big (re)Finish


Built for a Crowd, Yet Deeply Personal

I was recently asked to build two large farm tables for a client.  He frequently opens his home up to friends, family and the community and was looking for a way to seat a crowd, while being able to store the tables when not in use.  I came up with a design that would allow… Continue reading Built for a Crowd, Yet Deeply Personal


Pretty Little Table

I was beyond excited when I had the opportunity to purchase this table.  I loved the style and knew that even though it needed quite a bit of help, none of the repairs were particularly complicated.  It was extremely wobbly, was missing its drawer, and had been painted in a way that created texture all… Continue reading Pretty Little Table


The Sweet Little Afterthought

I was meeting with a client at her home to discuss a few pieces in her living room.  As I was leaving, we discussed this cute little table on the front porch that had seen better days. It was the perfect size to sit among the chairs on the covered porch, but it had been… Continue reading The Sweet Little Afterthought


The Perfect “Brown”

A few weeks ago my blog topic was a table and chairs that a client asked me to refinish.  It was a good quality, oak set that just needed to be refreshed.  I posted before and after pictures of the table in that original post (Dining Table Refresh) with the promise of a follow-up post… Continue reading The Perfect “Brown”


There is a New Look to my Blog!

I have decided to try out a new approach to my blog posts.  I am showing the before and after pictures side by side for those who enjoy looking at the contrast, but who aren't necessarily interested in "how the sausage is made".  For those who are interested in the hows and whys, I invite… Continue reading There is a New Look to my Blog!


The (literally) Wrapped Surprise

I was recently contacted by a client with a request to save her old coffee table.  She sent a picture and it was a large, square table with upholstered edges and a solid middle.  The fabric was worn, but she loved the size and shape of the table, as well as the fact that it… Continue reading The (literally) Wrapped Surprise