Builder grade oak vanity before

Bathroom Vanity Makeover

It’s not often I get to work on bathroom vanities.  While I don’t do work on-site, I was able to refinish this vanity for my client because they removed it during demo of their bathroom and will reinstall it once I’m finished. The cabinet (pictured here on its back in the workshop) is oak and… Continue reading Bathroom Vanity Makeover

desk repurposed as vanity by Amy's Upcycles

So Many Ways to Repurpose a Desk!

I was talking on the phone to a potential client the other day about a desk he has that is a sentimental family piece, but is simply not functional.  The place where your knees are supposed to go is so small that only a child could fit.  I have not seen the desk or even… Continue reading So Many Ways to Repurpose a Desk!


Amazing Desk Transformation

I get so excited when I get to work on gorgeous pieces like this desk.  It is a high-quality piece of furniture and came to me in pretty good condition.  The few areas of damage, however, presented a challenge. The top of the desk had a pretty deep scratch.  While normally it could be easily… Continue reading Amazing Desk Transformation

repurposed vanity, painted furniture

Old Vanity Piece Gets Repurposed into Side Table

Sometimes old furniture is not salvageable in its original form. Sometimes it needs to be reimagined into something brand new. This was the case with this old vanity piece.  It was one of two ends to a vanity that held a mirror, and somewhere along the way it became separated from the other parts.  When… Continue reading Old Vanity Piece Gets Repurposed into Side Table


Nothing Wrong with a Little Vanity

I am so honored to be able to work on this vanity.  It originally belonged to my client's grandmother, so sentiment was a huge part of this makeover. (and you all know what a sentimental squish I am when it comes to furniture!) The vanity has clean lines and is in great shape.  The finish… Continue reading Nothing Wrong with a Little Vanity


The Little Kidney Bean

So this little cutie came my way as a custom order.  It is a vintage vanity, and from what I could find, it dates to the 1930's-1950's.  Originally it had a fabric skirt as evidenced by the staples around the top.  I thought the piece was really cool but in pretty rough shape.  First things… Continue reading The Little Kidney Bean

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Not Exactly as I Planned

When I spotted this beauty at an auction, I knew I had to have her. (OK, maybe former beauty, but I could see her potential). I knew exactly what I wanted to do to bring her back to life. And then I got her home. Let's just say things did not go as planned. I… Continue reading Not Exactly as I Planned



With the advent of laptops and tablets, formal desks (particularly wooden ones) are not in demand the way they once were. There are tons of these desks at garage sales, flea markets, and auctions. Usually, you can score one pretty cheap. The end goal? A vanity of course! Vanities appeal to girls of all ages.… Continue reading Vanity