buffet repurposed to wine bar

Reinventing An Inherited Buffet

One of my most recent projects was repurposing a buffet that had been passed down from my client's grandmother. Structurally, the buffet was in excellent condition, but showed some wear and tear on the finish.  She had seen one of my previous projects and wanted to convert this buffet into a wine bar.  After discussing… Continue reading Reinventing An Inherited Buffet

desk repurposed as vanity by Amy's Upcycles

So Many Ways to Repurpose a Desk!

I was talking on the phone to a potential client the other day about a desk he has that is a sentimental family piece, but is simply not functional.  The place where your knees are supposed to go is so small that only a child could fit.  I have not seen the desk or even… Continue reading So Many Ways to Repurpose a Desk!


Hooked on a Feeling

I have done several pieces for this particular client, and she has a passion for summer and the shore.  She has carefully crafted her home to create the vibe she loves and can appreciate it every day.   She has a wonderful screened-in porch that she wanted to transition into a relaxing, beach-inspired entertaining area.… Continue reading Hooked on a Feeling


Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to showcase examples of my work at the Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce. During the month of July, I have several pieces on display at the Chamber office.  If you are interested in seeing these items in person, you can stop by the Chamber at 152 E. High St.,… Continue reading Tri-County Area Chamber of Commerce Display


Cartoons Reimagined

A lot of what I do involves repurposing pieces in their new life.  When I saw this desk, I immediately knew I wanted to create a coffee or wine bar.  Drink bars are becoming more and more popular, and I love finding compact pieces that will fit the bill. I purchased this old secretary desk (yes,… Continue reading Cartoons Reimagined


Damage Repair and a Makeover

I have a friend who ordered this cute little storage unit, but unfortunately, it arrived with the door broken.   She called the company and they told her to just dispose of it and they would send her a new one.  Sooooo.... I loved the size and functionality of this storage unit.  But without the… Continue reading Damage Repair and a Makeover


Outside the Box

When it comes to upcycling, thinking outside the box is at the heart of what I do. That doesn't always just apply to looking at a singular piece of furniture. Sometimes it’s a much larger picture. For instance, unless you built your home and selected each and every element, there’s bound to be something you… Continue reading Outside the Box


Do You See What I See?

Often times when it comes to these extremely dated, heavily varnished pieces, it's hard to imagine another life for them. But if you take a step back and look closely, this piece provides two drawers, a storage cabinet, and bi-level flat surfaces. What could that mean to you? It means this piece could become a… Continue reading Do You See What I See?